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Thread: - reviews :: MSI GeForce 8600GTS - the new midrange champion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorburn View Post
    Whats more there is nothing to say its performance in DX10 would be superior to a 7900GS running a DX9 codepath.
    The main aim of DX10, as I understand it, is to reduce the overhead and make it easier for a GPU to process the information therefore any DX10 graphics card running a DX10 enabled game would do it faster than if it was running it in DX9L. It is just speculation until the DX10 games arrive but there have been slivers of evidence already. There was a story a while back of someone running a tech demo of Crysis in 2560x1600 on a single 8800GTX in Vista. The GTX is fast but it's not that fast, certainly not in DX9, but in DX10...?

    All I was saying is that you can't compare these cards properly to the competition because they're the only ones that can run DX10 at the moment.

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    I'm a bit late to advocate my opinion but, just like the most of you here, yes I agree this card is somewhat of a dissapointment considering the asking price, if the price is lowered to say around about £70 what IMO this card should be worth then, yes it is a champion, as we are again oblivious to it's DX10 performance and I am led to believe the serverely crippled core will take a knock in performance.

    I like many other people, thought this card will follow the characteristical trend of the previous generation cards where the performance would be around about 1.75X the predecessor sold at the same price at launch, this card is well short of that and is substandard, as the X1950 pro can be bought for less than this and is a much more meatier card, negating the energy efficiency
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