One of the most expensive consumer graphics cards to ever hit the market made its way to HEXUS recently. Did Tarinder sell it and use the proceeds to buy a beach house in Bermuda, or did he take a good look instead? Here's a snip from our Gainward Golden Sample Ultra/1600XP GeForce FX 5900 Powerpack! Ultra 256MB review.

It's kind of hard to recommend this card right now. That's not too much to do with Gainward. The 256MB of on-board memory will push the price up towards the £400 mark, if not over. The 128MB non-Ultras have shown that they can offer up to 90% of the Ultra's present performance for considerably less money. It's one of those situations where a company's own card can make a higher specified card look a little expensive. Still, this is one fast, fast card, and if your wallet is deep enough, you won't go too far wrong.

Check it out in full, here.