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Thread: FSP NB PLUS Universal Notebook Adaptor

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    FSP NB PLUS Universal Notebook Adaptor

    Looking for one adaptor to use with all your notebooks? FSP's NB PLUS could be the answer.
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    Re: FSP NB PLUS Universal Notebook Adaptor

    It's the same problem as with the previous adapter, the FSP120-AAC - it just doesn't work with enough laptops to be a consideration for most. When I bought mine there was so little documentation to tell you what it worked with. It just lists sizes and widths of the tips, but who knows what size their socket is? It should list the series of notebooks it works with (eg, Acer TravelMate 2300 series, which ought to encompass all 11 millions laptops they released with relatively subtle differences), and they should be actively testing and adding to that list with more tips or tip packs available for purchase.

    Mine doesn't fit my XPS M1530 or HP nx6310 at all. That in itself isn't too much of a problem, but it would be a much more attractive purchase if I could add their and other product's support to it.

    If they introduced a means of adding compatibility over time, then this is almost an impulse buy for companies who have a range of different laptops bought over a few years - smaller schools like our own for instance. A much less attractive buy with such limited compatibility though, and too expensive as a second charger. As such, I'm struggling to see any real market they could target.

    Ending on a positive, at least this one is much slimmer than the previous one. That thing is simply massive - just as long as this new one, but with the depth of a more normal adapter too. Not too fussed personally, as I don't move it around - it's purely for laptops I pull out of trolley's to work with - but you couldn't carry it around at all. This looks to be a good improvement on that - better long and thin than thick and bulky.
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