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Thread: Reviews - ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse

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    Reviews - ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse

    Dissecting the Pyra, ROCCAT's first wireless mouse for gaming on the move.
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    Re: Reviews - ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse

    One thing that always annoys me about portable electronics is the desire most of them seem to have you to drain their battery as fast as possible when running low. My phone plays a tune (fair enough, if it only played it once and not every 5 minutes) and the screen turns on (not fair enough, that's just plain stupid, and makes me press things when it's in my pocket not to mention drain the battery as fast as possible).
    And here we have a wireless mouse that has a light which turns on when low on power. What if I'm away from home with it and don't have the charger? (I don't know if the charger is separate from the wireless receiver?) Or if you're using it on the bed and you'd rather use it until it died and then plug it in?
    It's easier to complain about it eating battery life unnecessarily than to come up with a solution, and I'm sure an LED doesn't take much power compared to regular use, but it's still annoying for it to use more power telling you it's nearly out, when you know it's nearly out and want it to last as long as possible.

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    Re: Reviews - ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse

    Can this be charged and used at the same time like the Razer Mamba?

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