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Thread: Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

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    Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

    A simple to use and cloud-enabled indoor home surveillance camera.
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    Re: Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

    NOT BAAAAAAAAAAAD offers free cloud.

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    Re: Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

    I usually prefer to keep that kind of thing local instead of in the cloud.

    I found another use for Synology Diskstation to do almost the same job using Surveillance Station on it and a wifi camera. Next time Hexus gets a diskstation in for review give that aspect of it a go and see how it compares to the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD.

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    Re: Y-cam HomeMonitor HD

    I'm glad to see you mentioned the loud click when the infrared LEDs kick in. I am finding that if I watch TV with dimmed lighting it really confuses the Auto Night Vision option. When scenes on the TV change from light to dark the infrared lamps will click on and off as the light level in the room changes. At times the relays will be constantly clicking on and off which soon becomes annoying. This happens even when motion recording is disabled in the schedule.

    I think some improvements could be made to the logic controlling when the infrared lamps are switched on. It would be far better if they only switch on when the camera is either being live monitored or motion recording is currently active. After all, what is the point of switching them on (and off and on and off and...) when the camera is not in active use?

    I made this suggestion in the User Ideas section of the HomeMonitor website 6 months ago and although they did respond saying that the development team would see if improvements could be made, nothing has changed.

    Here is a video of the clicking in action:
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