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Thread: Qnap TS-251B

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    Qnap TS-251B

    A dual-bay SOHO NAS with simple PCIe expansion.
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    Re: Qnap TS-251B

    You were asking for uses for the Wifi... Not sure if unit will do this, but the scenario I can imagine is to provide maximum LAN-based performance to a selection of machines in one corner of a building, and bridging back to a main accesspoint/router elsewhere.

    Example - locate NAS near computers/TVs/consoles in living room for high-speed, wired access to photos etc. Bridge wirelessly back to rest of network elsewhere.

    Why would this be a useful way of working? Wireless doesn't necessarily give fast access to all areas of the house, so relying on each TV-area device to wirelessly connect back to the router, then to NAS, may not give satisfactory performance. This can be solved by locating the NAS close to the devices and wiring, but you still need to bridge back to the router/access point, which probably isn't in the lounge.

    Of course, there are many *other* ways to crack that nut, and they're probably considerably cheaper.

    The other use I could imagine, would relate to wireless surveilance cameras, which has always been a big feature for QNAP boxes.

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