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Thread: HP E27q G4

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    HP E27q G4

    A sleek, no-nonsense workplace display.
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    Re: HP E27q G4

    I find it odd that "no integrated speakers" is listed as a con. In my experience integrated speakers tend to be of low quality, and I'd rather buy a monitor that doesn't include them. External speakers are the way to go if you have the desk space.

    Though it would be nice to have an in-between option that adds the speakers, but forgoes the expensive USB-C docking station, for those without the space or the desire to spend 200 pounds extra for what they mostly don't need. Dell usually offers such an option.

    Brightness is low, but I've never turned my 2011 Dell about 35% brightness, so it should be fine. I find brightness to be much less important for external monitors than for laptops, which might be used outdoors in the sun.

    It's an interesting option for a potential upgrade given its sweet spot of 2560x1440 at 27" (though I'd love a 2560x1600 option at 27" or 28"), reasonable price, and very low power consumption. Still, I'd have to compare it to some Dell options, which are oddly missing from the comparison chart but seem the natural ones this would compete against, as well as some FreeSync options. I don't care about super high refresh rates, but even a basic 40-75 Hz FreeSync range would be a nice addition.

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