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Thread: MSI MPG B560i Gaming Edge WiFi

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    MSI MPG B560i Gaming Edge WiFi

    Does B560 and mini-ITX make sense? We find out.
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    Re: MSI MPG B560i Gaming Edge WiFi

    We find it unnecessary to have four SATA ports on a mini-ITX board; two ought to be sacrificed for a third M.2.
    That's a strange complaint and I'm not sure I agree with it as a valid critisism. Are there any itx boards with 3x m.2 slots? Or even any mATX boards? I've only found one non-full size ATX board with 3x m.2 slots & that's the ASRock X399M Taichi, an mATX HEDT threadripper board which is targeting a completely different market to this board - and one that's legacy at this point being 1st & 2nd gen Threadripper only.

    I doubt I'd buy this as the other issues mentioned are valid, especially for this class of board in the £1-200 range. But suggesting a 3rd m.2 slot when no OEM is doing that at this price (and the only one to have done so is on a legacy HEDT board) is a bit of a stretch as a complaint.

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