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Thread: Huawei MateView

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    Re: Huawei MateView

    Quote Originally Posted by Glyce View Post
    "The visual field of the human eye spans approximately 120 degrees of arc. However, most of that arc is peripheral vision."
    We evolved scanning the horizon for prey and predators, thats why it took effort to look at the stars.
    When it comes to monitors, horizontal property is much more important than vertical. Given enough vertical is provided, excess should definitely go horizontal.
    I wouldn't dispute any of that, but for me, for photo and video stuff, and even word processing, I agree with Fresiansam, a little more vertical in the aspect ratio helps. Horses for courses, maybe. Or just personal preference.
    A lesson learned from PeterB about dignity in adversity, so Peter, In Memorium, "Onwards and Upwards".

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    Re: Huawei MateView

    Quote Originally Posted by Saracen999 View Post
    , a little more vertical in the aspect ratio helps. Horses for courses, maybe. Or just personal preference.
    Personal preference, I don't think you can really generalise.

    Both of my monitors here can switch to portrait mode, and I never ever do. Vertical pixels for me seem kind of like money, you need enough to be comfortable but after that why add more?

    I know some people who have a main monitor in landscape for main work and a second in portrait for emails etc. Works for them, doesn't for me.

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    Re: Huawei MateView

    Quote Originally Posted by Iota View Post
    Side note.... are those Corsair wave panels any good?
    So far so good. Very easy to put up, nice thick foam and better-looking than I thought. Just awaiting the blue set to complete the pattern.

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    Re: Huawei MateView

    Quote Originally Posted by gagaga View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tunnah View Post
    400 quid is a very solid price, 600 for a 60hz 4K panel is too much. Although people needing a productivity focused display will always pay a bit more if it means improving work.
    I paid £700 for my dell 32" 4K panel, and that's their cheap one. High quality panels cost money - £600 for this is just fine for the market it's targeted at. My main issue is the design means no VESA so it can't be mounted on an arm so having multiple takes up a lot of desk, here's hoping somebody else picks up the panel too.

    EDIT: eeek, Dell U3219Q is now £850, guess I got a good deal at the time.
    question, why do you think almost all graphic monitors are only 60 Hz Refresh Rate? one would think by now the industry would cater to designers also, not just gamers with higher refresh rate graphic monitors.

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