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Thread: IBC 2005 :: Welcome to the real world of the jet-setting journo

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    IBC 2005 :: Welcome to the real world of the jet-setting journo

    It was taken at around 4am but don't go thinking we’d returned late from a trip to a coffee house.

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    Oh god, the pain - I'm missing out this year, but usually get to go.

    I'm usually there as an exhibitor, and there's nothing worse than the knowledge that you've got a magic window between about 3am and 6am to return e-mail to clients and potential clients before getting a couple of hours sleep, and getting ready to do it all again!

    The worst is usually having to arrive on my birthday, spend all day setting up, getting the fibre working correctly for you E1 circuit, and getting the partners networked.

    At least I usually stay in the hilton which is a 5 minute walk to the RAI, but so many people are commuting in from all over the country - there's a reason why most of the rooms come with twin beds, as coming back from dodgy pubs means that anyone who can't get a train or taxi out to their hotels will usually end up crashing in the other bed!

    Now because NAB is not nearly so popular with the Europeans and SEAsians (because we're driving development for a change) IBC is much more interesting, and it's usually the first chance to see new developments working in anger, rather than reading the press releases, or going to a roadshow and see late beta releases of product (which you usually can't touch for fear of having it fall over)

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