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Thread: ATI Crossfire - X850 Crossfire Edition and Platform Basics

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    ATI Crossfire - X850 Crossfire Edition and Platform Basics

    Crossfire was always set to launch before the next generation of ATI graphics processors and with those launching in a week or so it was time for Crossfire systems to make their way to folks like me recently, for full evaluation. Were ATI's claims for the technology preview correct? How would integrating a Crossfire system work for the end-user? What's the Crossfire platform like as a whole?
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    From what i've read so far, i'm not impressed. It all looks far too cobbled together atm in order to get it to market as quickly as possible.

    Personally, i'm not overtly lusting after dual card systems - i'd rather see a single card dual core solution if really necessary and, right now, cpu power isn't good enough to drive these things well anyway.
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