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Thread: :: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT & GTX mini-roundup - eVGA and XFX

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    We haven't managed to round up every last offering from all vendors (as much as I'd love to evaluate 30 GeForces!), but to kick off our quest for that particular truth we've nabbed boards from XFX and eVGA to see what they're doing, encompassing 7900 GT and GTX.
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    Maya 7 and the 7900 gt

    If you are into 3D modeling at all do not buy the 7900 GT.

    I have a nvidia 6800 GS and Just built a computer with a 7900 GT in it and loaded a very complex scene into maya. Same scene both machines.

    WOW did the 7900 GT fail. and fail hard.

    render times are huge and if you have any painted strokes in the scene you can barely drive your camera through the scene without a coffee break.

    Just thought I'd post this before some poor modeler bought this card
    the 6800 GS rocks with maya

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