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Thread: :: Cooler Master Stacker 830 chassis - 'Back in Black'

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    Whilst the black variant of the Stacker 830 is a new release for Cooler Master, we note that the design is far from new, and with a PSU-less price of £175 it's also one of the market’s most-expensive chassis.

    The question is, then; does it still stack up (groan!) against the other players in the high-end chassis space.
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    Cooler Master Stacker 830 -- some pricing info

    In the U.S. the silver case is currently selling for about US$240.00 -- but with free shipping and a US$30.00 rebate from the manufacturer for a total cost of about US$210. If you compare this case against similar full-tower models from Lian-Li and Temjin you'll find it's actually a pretty good deal.

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    Unhappy My stacker with a Galaxy 1000x PSU...

    So, i have recently paid for a gaming rig from an online store. The tower is this exact case, except i am buying the metal [grey] looking one, simply because the all black is kinda boring to me... Anyways, i chose the Galaxy 1000w PSU as my power supply. Why? Because i can. I am just curious if i will still beable to get a 120mm fan up at the top to blow some hot air outside the case. If not, its not the end of the world, as this case is almost completely open as far as i am concerned. But still, i would like to mount one, even an 80mm silent fan would be nice.

    I believe my mobo/CPU/ram will build up some heat... Would be nice to have more air moving through the case then-

    Anyways, after i get my setup i will take pictures and post them here. Just to show how much i can cram inside my case >D

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    I think this looks nicer, it has a kind of "dont mess with me" look to it, where as the silver one was a lot more jolly. Its kind of like its evil twin so to speak.

    I will prob wait till it gets to the sub £150 mark before i pick one up though, hopefully before crimbo.

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