After the success of the Airbourne meetup last year I thought I'd gauge interest in another meetup, however the Combined Ops
military vehicle and air show, Herne Bay airshow and Airbourne are all on at the same time.

Airbourne is free, and it's great sitting on the beach getting burnt while watching/photographing the displays. I suspect it'll be similar to last year, but with the Vulcan displaying on the Saturday.

Herne Bay is another freebie, 15th only, Vulcan is just a flypast rather than full display, but again it's nice to spend the day burning by the sea!

Combined Ops is a tenner, but has the Great War display team carrying out a mock dogfight (really good at Shoreham last year, dogfighting biplanes make fantastic pics!), WW2 re-enactment, static displays etc in addition to the Vulcan and usual flying displays. Yes Knoxville, there will be many Landrovers!

In terms of travel by train from London, Headcorn is 1 hour the other two are 1.5 hours.

Thoughts and suggestions please!