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Thread: Punky's Pizza Toast

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    Punky's Pizza Toast

    Punky's Pizza Toast

    Here's my recipe for a snack i make when i need some decent food fast, or just summat to munch on
    - Hovis extra-thick bread
    - Ketchup / tomato puree for the posh people
    - Finely grated strong cheddar
    - 1" squares of ham (the fresh stuff from the butchers is the best)

    How to make...:

    1. Toast the bread on both sides under the grill, one side done less than the other

    2. Spread the ketchup/ puree on the lightly-toasted side

    3. stick back under the grill for a minute or so

    4. sprinkle the cheese all over the top of the ketchup/puree and stick a few pieces of the ham on top

    5. put back under the grill (grill set to high) until the cheez melts and the ham is starting to look different

    6. take out, cut in half and eat

    BEWARE! - the sauce may be damn hot, so don't go burning your mouth on it, leave to cool for a bit if necessary, or equip yourself with a cold beer to cool the mouth.


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    I thought I was the only one that did that ! Right down to the less toasting on one side.

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    My version... yeah, I know it's bit fancy, but boy does it taste goooood!

    Toasted Foccacia with Sundried Tomatoes and Parma Ham

    1 Foccacia
    4oz Thinly Sliced Parma Ham
    1 jar Sundried Tomatoes, drained
    40g fresh Parmesan Cheese, grated


    Slice cut the foccacia in half, horizontally, then drizzle it lightly with olive oil.

    Season with a little salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper.

    Cut the parma ham in thin strips and sprinkle over the bread, do the same with the sundried tomatoes.

    Sprinkle enough parmesan on to cover the foccacia and then place into a medium oven.

    Cook until the cheese is golden brown and the foccacia warmed through. Serve immediately.
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    My all time fave Uni snack is pizza toasties...

    here's the scenario:
    2am just tumbled in through the door...
    2 slices bread (buttered one side each)
    finely chopped onion (HAZARDOUS AT 2am drunk though)
    grated mozzarella (can get it ready-grated from supermarket)
    pizza topping (in a jar.... yes i know it's cheating, but remember it's 2am!)

    butter one side of the bread and spread tomato pizza stuff on other side
    bung bread in toastie maker, buttered side to hot bit
    bung in cheese and onion
    close, toast for a bit untill brownish


    (p.s Bung is a technical cooking word!)

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