I've recently bought an ECS A990FXM motherboard and a nice AMD FX-4170 processor. I've run into an issue with the motherboard BIOS version not supporting the processor. I've been building PCs for a long time now, but this is a first.

So, the question I need to ask is since I cannot get the mobo to turn on (getting fans spinning, no error tones, hardware LED showing code 50 (CPU Error)) I have the need to drop in a different socket AM3+ processor that is supported by the mobo. So the question is - what processor IS supported?

I'm assuming a Phenom 2 or similar, but I'd like to know for sure in advance.

I have noticed they have a FAQ question pertaining to this issue - I can't post links, but it's in the FAQ for the mobo.
And I've noticed another issue where the board is supposed to support 32GB of RAM and it incorrectly reporting 24GB. So I figure I'll flash the BIOS to the newer version that reports 32GB of RAM correctly.