Hi all,

I recently upgraded from Ivy Bridge to Zen 2 and bought an ASUS X570 board which has Q-fan control.

Some of the case fans I have are not PWM and are only 3-pin. The ASUS Q-fan control has the ability to change DC current on 3-pin fans to control fan speeds. Q-fan control also allows custom fan curves, and spin-up and spin-down intervals to control instant fan speed changes with Ryzen's clock-up/turbo kicks in. These are excellent features that I have come to highly value which I did not have within BIOS on my Ivy Bridge board.

I am now lookling at purchasing a second build for HTPC/lounge big screen gaming. I'm looking at one of the B450 boards recommended here along with a R3 3100 or 3200G. Given it will primarily be used for HTPC/4K media/Netflix streaming, silent fans and custom fan curves are very improtant to me. Can anyone confirm if MSI/ASRock B450 boards have similar BIOS fan features to control 3-pin DC fans and spin-up spin-down delay (seconds)?

Thanks in advance of any advice