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Thread: Some Advice, S'il Vous Plait.... (Wireless Router and Printing)

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    Some Advice, S'il Vous Plait.... (Wireless Router and Printing)

    Righty ho chaps and chapettes,

    Currently, I have Netgear something or other ethernet router that is dying a death on, randomly dying and needing restarts, reboots etc. So it is time for it to be replaced.

    The home network is NTL ---> Cable Modem ----> Ethernet Router ----> Airport base station and Desktops.

    The Airport works fine, and we use it to share a USB printer between all the Macs, which is nce

    However, as it is time to replace the wired router, we were thinking of integrating it all together in a combined wireless/wired router, like the WRT54G from Linksys. I'm sure this will work fine and dandy, but the one thing that's stopping me is the wireless printing. Does anyone have any experience of setting up these sorts of routers on a mixed network with a printer? It's a bog-standard USB Epson 760, so not the most advaced...

    Anyone offer any advice/suggestions as to routers that support USB printers too? I'm tempted to just get a new Aiport, as that will handle it all rather nicely, and let me use 802.11n as well, but it's a heck of an expense...

    The Caped Crusader :-)

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