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Thread: VPN Server 2003 and DG834GT

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    VPN Server 2003 and DG834GT

    I hope someone could help me , I have been googling and searching for the past days but I got more confused than helped!!!

    I have the following problems!!!

    I have setup a server with Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 behind a Netgear DG834GT Router.

    On this router I have all the PC's at home (3 in total) wireless connected and the server connected on Port 1 wired.

    The server has the IP
    and all the wireless clients have and above...

    I have setup the VPN on the server and created the accounts on the active directory etc .. etc. (The server has no firewall setup, I am using the one built in on Netgear.

    I have configured my Laptop as a VPN client and made a connection via the LAN as VPN ...this was successful no problems.

    At this point I should say that I do not have a static IP. I have dynamic.
    This would not cause a problem I guess, as I am only testing at the moment.

    When I use my laptop to access the IP address that my router is connected it will not get through the router... and go to the server (this is what I think is happening) I will request my user name and password, but it will come back with error 800. (Server was unreachable.)

    However if I do this via my LAN network (without using the internet) it will work perfectly...

    I have opened all the ports needed 500, 135, 1723 but still nothing seems to be working.
    I also direct all the incoming calls to my server but still nothing seems to be connected.

    I have tried to use the no-IP website inorder to link my IP to a name incase it made a difference, but nothing is working.

    I have even enabled the remote access on the router, I access it by typing my IP xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 on my explorer bar and it only goes upto requesting my username and password, I enter it, requests it again, I enter it, requests it again and then it says another administator is online.

    I does not make any sense...
    I am getting so furstrated.

    So to sum up what is happening I can access my server using VPN only via my LAN,
    but I cannot access it using the internet.

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    Re: VPN Server 2003 and DG834GT

    you need to make sure your firewall can pass GRE protocol 47.

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