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Thread: Web Filtering for a group of workgroup PCs

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    Web Filtering for a group of workgroup PCs

    I have set up a group of workgroup PCs that are going to be connecting to a Cisco wireless network.
    Since they are for public access they require some sort of filtering software to stop people basically looking up porn and other inappropriate sites on these machines.

    Has anyone got any recommendations or experience in using such software*

    * Recommendations don't have to be free
    * Can't put a proxy machine in there!
    * There is no server on this site with ISA....

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    Re: Web Filtering for a group of workgroup PCs

    What is ScrubIT?

    ScrubIT is a FREE recursive DNS server that regulates what comes into your home or business. ScrubIT “scrubs” the internet so you don’t have to be concerned about what your family members or employees will be confronted with.

    We currently profile several million websites and by default block out any pornographic, phishing, and many other potentially harmful sites. Users who wish to customize which sites are blocked and allowed may sign up for our BETA and customize their ScrubIT experience.

    Who should use it?

    ScrubIT is perfect for any home or business that is tired of the plague of pornographic and malicious websites.

    Recent research shows that pornography is the plague of the new millennium. Children as young as 10 years old who use the internet are regularly assaulted with graphic images, giving them a distorted view of human sexuality. Other studies show that surfing pornographic sites at work is one of the biggest time-wasters in business today. What’s the solution? Scrub the internet squeaky clean by using ScrubIT as your DNS server.

    Why is it FREE?

    You're saying "Where's the catch?", good news, there is none! As far as we know, ScrubIT is the only public recursive DNS server to actively filter pornography. It’s a FREE service provided by people who care about the freedom found in the internet, but balance those sentiments with a desire to protect our children and employees.

    No sign up is necessary, use our DNS servers ( and in your router or if you have windowsXP or 2000 you may download our utility which will set your DNS settings to use our servers automatically.

    lad suggested this a parental control for some one else on another forum

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    Re: Web Filtering for a group of workgroup PCs

    doubt it will work really... they will just use a web based proxy...

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    Re: Web Filtering for a group of workgroup PCs

    I would say perhaps WebSense / SurfControl ? They could cost a lot of £££ tho.

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