I just bought a Linksys WAG160N to replace a BT Fusion business modem as its got known VPN issues (Blocking UDP Port 500 from passing through due to Openzone).

I hooked up the WAG160N and placed out IPCop IP Address in the DMZ host, and connected and DMZ is allowing all traffic to the IPCop router.

When trying to establish the VPN connection the logs were showing it failed to connect as the local IP was being used rather than the Public IP address. The BT Hub appears to pass the Public IP address to the DMZ host, where the Linksys WAG160N isn't the IPCop routers RED IP is

Is this a know issue? Is it a limited DMZ option?

If so can anyone recommend a GOOD ADSL Modem that allows this! The BT Fusion box does so I would have thought most would.

Nutshell: A ADSL Modem that passes the Public IP to the DMZ host to connect to a IPCop router.

Thanks for your time!