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Thread: Why cant i play head to head matches on Fifa 10? (PS3)

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    Exclamation Why cant i play head to head matches on Fifa 10? (PS3)

    Okay guys, since i have been blessed with a PS3 in my house with Fifa 10, i seem to have been decapitated of my ability to play online. The same error message has come up, time and time again. "this is game is unavailable". This happens to about 8/10 games i connect with. This also happens in the game lobbies and when playing online team play. People have advised me to open ports for my modem and forward them to the ip address of my ps3. Other advise iv been given includes buying a subcription to adidas live season because if my oppenent has adidas live season and i dont, then this can cause disconnection when a goal has been scored.

    Another issue is that when im winning, i get disconnected with an error box stating that - "you have been removed from this match as you are not controlling your player, which obviously i am. People have diagnosed the issue concluding that your controller battery is too low. I then played a game with a controller with full battery and the same thing happened. EA are not releasing any patches for this so i have been truly bumped. I surrender to EA. I think the problem is that there is WAY too many games using the EA servers, more than they are capable of handling .. just a theory.

    Here are some specs -

    PS3 120 GB.
    ISP - Plusnet (seriously sucks)
    Router - Thomson tg585v7 (no DMZ capabilities)
    Static Ip activated but im not sure it works :S

    Any help would be massively appriciated.

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    Re: Why cant i play head to head matches on Fifa 10? (PS3)


    I am not sure if this guy needs a new router or not, so maybe you guys can help!

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