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Thread: Network Player with NAS Drive - Song Repeats!

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    Network Player with NAS Drive - Song Repeats!

    Hi all. I hope this is the right place to post this and I've searched for similar threads.

    I got myself a Yamaha R-N500 Network Player and a WD MyCloud NAS drive. Converted my whole music collection to FLAC, put it on the NAS drive and readied myself for some ease-of-listening...

    ...The gadgets seem to have had other ideas though. Most of my albums (I tend to listen to whole albums, in order) repeat each song 2, 3, 4, 5 times, depending, and some not at all. It's the same songs which repeat each time, it's not random. I've been through my NAS with a fine tooth comb and not a single file is duplicated or backed up anywhere. All other computers and drives attached to the network are turned off.

    Has ANYONE come across a problem anything like this? It's driving me nuts - so much for the convenience of a Network Player. Internet searches turn up NOTHING, as though no-one else has ever had this problem. I've contacted WD - they've never heard of the problem and can't help. And several weeks after contacting Yamaha support they've not even responded.

    Any tips (beyond the obvious) would be hugely appreciated. Could it be that the Network Player has a cache of file references which have somehow been duplicated, even if the files themselves haven't? Could it be that the WD MyCloud has a backup partition completely hidden from Windows?

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    Re: Network Player with NAS Drive - Song Repeats!

    What firmware are you running on the MyCloud? I've no experience with the MyCould, but if what I've read is correct it uses Twonky as the DLNA server (and there's a fix for it listed in the changelog for firmware 3.01.04 - this is far from the latest firmware though) - my experience with that is that it's a steaming bag of poop. I was about to recommend that you take a look at OptWare if you were happy doing a little hacking, but it doesn't look like they've quite got it working on the MyCloud as yet.

    EDIT - also: how is your filesystem setup? Are the files that repeat located in the same directory by any chance? Could be a limitation of the player, or that it has shuffle enabled, but only shuffles within a directory.

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