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Thread: Using Huawei 4G Router for home 4g broadband

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    Using Huawei 4G Router for home 4g broadband

    Hi all,

    So I have an Idea, as i'm fed up of only being able to get about 6mb adsl max where I live. I think i'm just covered by EE or 3's 4g networks.

    What are the implications of using 3's unlimited data 4G service with a Huawei 4G Router (there are a few models available).

    I recall there being something called TTL (time to live) which stops you being able to do unlimited with tethering as they can see the ttl and know if you are tethering on their non tethering allowed schemes.

    If I used the router for the above task, would TTL get sent from it? Even if i was connected to the router by Lan?

    Otherwise it seems like a decent cheap way of getting broadband.

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    Re: Using Huawei 4G Router for home 4g broadband

    Discussions concerning the circumventing of control mechanisms or T&Cs are not permitted on HEXUS.

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