I have been using Flash VPN service for a while helps provide me with security I want as well as offering additional VPN services such using Torrenting via their VPN Torrent specific servers.

Yesterday I discovered I could not log in to their app and could not even connect to their website online where the connection was refused instantly. I have been liaising with Flash VPN's Twitter Team and they got me to do a number of tests such as giving them my ISP, geo-location, going on their Flash Mail website which I successfully accessed. Every test done has lead Flash VPN to believe my ISP is blocking the connection to Flash VPN. One of the reasons they have come to this conclusion is because I can access another VPN service (PureVPN), connect to their VPN and actually go on Flash VPN's app, log in and connect to their VPN that way. When I informed Flash about this, they said they were extremely concerned my only way of connecting to their service is by using another VPN service first and are conducting their own internal investigation. I have had at least two emails to me to say they believe my ISP is most likely cause of the current issues I have.
I would appreciate any official stance of what Vodafones current policy is with regards to VPN and if anything has happened recently for Vodafone to change their policy. If so why? For the record, I also tested two other VPN apps - Betternet and Windscribe. Both of them I have attempted to go on any VPN server available in both TCP and UDP. Both apps as soon as I connect to VPN, instantly drops connection again. On every server both TCP and UDP. All these VPN's use OpenVPN and I am not trying to use torrent specific servers or protocols.
I tried changing DNS in vodafone to PureVPN DNS, but it didn't helped me much. I've created a seperate whitelist file local and added and as whitelisting, but no help. It doesn't make sense that sometimes the VPN works with Vodafone Home but sometimes it doesn't.