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Thread: wireless router / wired print server. will it work?

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    wireless router / wired print server. will it work?

    evening all, i've just had a thought, can anyone confirm / deny whether this will work? i can see no reason why not but i have been known to overlook the staringly obvious before now

    i have a network & want to add my printer to it so i don't have to keep 1 pc on to print - my network is wireless via a router

    rather than getting a wireless print server, can i get an wired print server & connect this to my router via an RJ45 & to the printer via USB, and use it to print from all computers on my network??

    (isn't it amazing the lengths some people will go to to save a few quid on a wired vs wireless print server!!!)
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    Yes, it'll work. As long as the print server's configured to the same network address and ensure that its individual address falls outside the DHCP range for the router, so if you're router's and it hands out addresses in the - range, say, you might configure the printserver to be

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