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Thread: Broadband Speed and Power Supplies

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    Cool Broadband Speed and Power Supplies

    I have not seen this mentioned before so just in case it may help.
    I have a ASDL router which is powered by one of those plug top power supply transformers. Of course being on broadband this router was on all the time - now for about a year. Bad new for energy consumption I hear you say but I wonder how may unplug everything!
    Well recently I noticed that my connection speed was grinding to - like slow! This was a gradual process related to how long my desktop had been switched on. The router seemed to be operating correctly - well all the lights were on or flickering as they always were and I was obtaining a connection to the www. I tried everything. Then I did the full monty and noticed a warm to hot plugtop power supply.
    Changing the power supply restored my broadband speed
    I now have rigged all the power leads through one switch so that when the desktop and laptop are off all the power supplies to all those peripheral devices can be switched off.
    O joy if there were standard low voltage power connections to the computer's own power supply to avoid the use of these little cheap plug top transformers - after all most are 12v.
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