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Thread: Win 98 to XP network

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    Win 98 to XP network

    I'v just rebuilt a computer with Win98 SE on it (cause I don't have cash to fork out for winXP), and the other computers round the house have WinXP pro, I have a wireless network that I'v been setting up and its going ok but I'm now stuck.
    the Win98 comp. has 2 network ports, and the XP comp next to it has only the one. I have connected my wireless transeiver to one of the ports in the 98 comp. and a cross-over cable to the XP machine thus connecting them together. saddly I cannot get the XP computer to 'see' the 98 one it is directly connected to.
    the intention is to have the WinXP computer connecting to the network/internet THROUGH the Win98 computer's second port and thus both can access network etc.

    any tips on how to make this possible would be gratefully recieved
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    Can you ping each other?

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