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Thread: Large Capacity ATA HDD?

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    Large Capacity ATA HDD?

    I've just ordered a Rapsody N35 (under TV HD media device) that takes an internal 3.5" HDD. Only problem is it still uses the older ATA interface.

    Being a small form factor the desires / limitations are like those for a HTPC i.e. fast, silent, low heat, low power on idle.

    Reading reviews on SilentPCReview et al most of the good drives (WD SE16's, Samsung Spinpoint-T) reviewed are all SATA interfaces.

    Ideally I want a 500GB drive (IMHO the largest drive before the p/GB gets silly), but my choices seem to be limited as for example Samsung stop their ATA range at 400GB.

    So tapping in to the knowledge of the Hexus community what is my best option.

    Big multi-platter Deskstar T7K500 (noisy and hot).
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 (perpendicular recording, but strangely noisy and big power user on idle)

    or is fitting a SATA to IDE conversion board on to the drive a useable option or do these have major limitations in such an environment (assuming enough physical space to install).

    or should I go for a smaller 400GB and just buy a NAS if/when needs arise for more storage.

    TIA - Rufus.

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    SATA to IDE converters aren't the easiest things to find, but they do exist. I hunted a link out for a previous thread.

    Something else to considder is Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) for any drive. This changes the performance/noise characteristics in favour of reduced noise at the expense of performance. I think seek performance is hit more than anything else. Each manufacturer should have their own tools, but i think there are some that work on all drives.

    Going the NAS route would let you put the noisy, heat producing storage somewhere it isn't going to be heard and somewhere you can cool it easier. Does the N35 *need* a drive? i'd be tempted to skip that if it dosn't need one (or just put in a little 2.5" disk) and then set up a large 4 pr 5 drive RAID-5 array somewhere else

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    Thanks Funkstar - got me thinking in the right direction.

    The N35 doesn't need an internal HDD, but would be useful for convenience as SWMBO needs to be able to use it and might struggle to stream from a remote data source!

    So have decided to go for a smaller capacity Samsung Spinpoint-T to dump all the kids stuff on to, and will set up a big beefy RAID in another room at a later date when I can be bothered to back-up all my DVDs.

    Damn Scan and their today only - another parcel of stuff ordered half of which I didn't until today even realise I wanted!

    Many thanks - Rufus.

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