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    I hope u dont get too scared when u stick Doom 3 on!
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    i just got myself an a/v reciever an speakers too - tho a diff set.

    i had a budget of £200 for the lot which didnt help matters really so i ignored all reviews etc and trolled around the hi-fi shops, listning to loads of diff combos of reciever/speakers that were in my range. in the end i picked up a Sharp SDAT1000 1-Bit Digital 5.1 Home Theater System from my local co-op lol £200 and they threw in a free dvd player too.

    now before you all go slating it like nearly all the online reviews do i dont know what they are on about, it sounds friggin amazing in my room whether im playing sound from my PC/GC/TV/Freeview/DvD/CD/Radio - i couldnt reccomend it more for the price. It could go even better with some better speakers but i need some more £££ before i upgrade them

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