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Thread: Help needed RE: BIOS Update

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    Help needed RE: BIOS Update

    Ok, hello again all.

    I set up my new rig yesterday,

    P5B Deluxe mobo
    ram etc etc

    anyways it booted up first time no problems whatsoever all worked perfect, installed windows etc got all updates everything fine.

    I then flashed the BIOS using the AsusUpdate utility, I used the most recent bios on the page, which isn't a beta. It asked me to reboot, so I did, and now its broke!

    Basically it starts up and shows the P5B Deluxe splash screen (that covers the POST messages) with the wording on it stating DEL to setup or tab to display post, and it just hangs on that screen.

    It wont go into bios, it won't show me the post messages, and it doesnt give any error or anything, just hangs on that splash screen.

    Im not really sure what I can do, I don't know if any of you have experienced anything like it before or if anyone can help? Many thanks.

    edit: I also used the most up to date update utility as it states to on the page with the BIOS.

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    Time to find your CMOS reset, and hope..

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    Yep, use the cmos jumper.

    If that doesnt work, take out the cpu and power on the board for about 10 seconds and that should reset it.

    If that doesnt work, unplug the power cable from the psu, set the cmos jumper to clear and remove the battery...leave it overnight.

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