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Thread: SN45G CPU temps?

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    SN45G CPU temps?

    My CPU temp hovers about 47C. Occasionally the fan kicks up a speed as it passes 48C. Idle/Load, three hours UT2k3, hardly ever changes. No arctic silver, just the sachet of gunk that came in the box. (No double-entendre intended )

    CPU is an XP2600 T-Bred, BTW. ICE fan etc. is all standard.

    How accurate are the temps reported by the BIOS? This seems too low to me, even given that I took a 7mm drill bit to the case and bored about 150 holes in the sides. ( I was going to drill the top too, but the risk of spilling a glass of wine down there put me off... )

    So today I o/c'd the fsb from 166 to 175. It's been running stable under load for about four hours, with a slightly more frequent spinning up of the fan, every minute or so, for a second or two a time. And everything is noticeably just that wee bit more responsive...

    12.5*175 = 2187.5MHz. (XP3100 ?)

    Place your bets, how far can I up the FSB without my 2700/333 ram (cheapest unbranded stuff I could find at the time) pooping out?

    EDIT: 30 mins of DM-Antalus with 10 godlike bots (100% CPU usage) = hard lock. CPU temp on reboot 52C. Going to play some online DM now to see if it's the CPU or the ram/misc.-other which is crapping out...

    EDIT2: Ha, got my cheapo ram running stable at 183*12.5 = 2275. CPU a steady 52C. Fan set to max.
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