Well, tonight, I tried to set up my TV-OUT again after upgrading Graphic Cards and Im having some problems. With my old card (GeForce 4 Ti4200) I had the following setup:

2 Desktops:
- PC
- TV

This was my default desktop, which I used for normal things.

This was used for all my media applications, WMP, PowerDVD etc. I used the nView properties to set it so when I opened one of these programs, it switched to the "TV" desktop and also automatically went full screen on my TV.

The above action is what Im having problems with now. I open the application and it will play on the monitor but, my TV will start flashing strangely. If I drag the app to the towards the TV, it Full Screen on the monitor and just have the window on the TV, this is the effect I want, but the opposite way round. Ive been sat here trying to work out what the problem is, but Ive had no luck whatsoever.

I hope my explanation was clear, if not, feel free to ask questions if you dont understand.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!