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Thread: Faulty laptop battery????

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    Faulty laptop battery????

    hi there,

    I've given my daughter my laptop that i bought 2yrs ago, but its suddenly developed a fault.

    As soon as the power supply is disconnected, the laptop switches off. The battery in windows shows a full charge though.

    I was thinking what if the battery contacts are not touching, but then if that was the case, the battery power strength would not be showing in windows, right?

    anyway i would be most grateful if someone can help me on this issue.

    please ask any questions if it means helping me diagnose the problem.



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    overcharged the battery until destruction lol??? highly unlikely but possible my laptop is 4 years old but the original battery lasts around 30mins when it use to last 3 hours+ so I bought a new battery . one of my friends laptop is 5 years old and he has killed the battery by keeping it constantly charging he pulls out the power cable the laptop freezes for second then dies

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    Laptop batteries are notorious for losing their ability to hold charge if the laptop has been powered by the mains it's whole life - the constant charging kills the battery off.

    My guess is that your battery is fully charged just that now a "full charge" gives you about 0 minutes of battery life!

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    agreed, ive seen a few old batterys that say there charging then get to 100% and dont run the laptop. could even be a dead cell as that will show the right voltage if its almost broke contact it will crap out as soon as the laptop pulls ampage.

    if its an older laptop its not a bad idea to get a unbranded new battery to test on it ?
    at worst you can resell it on ebay as new charged once

    one other point, back to the contacts, theres not just 2 contacts, there the charging circuit and the status circuit, at least 4 connections sometimes 6
    2 power, 2 charging and 2 status, if the battery went in a bit funny u could have bent a power pin back, get the maglight out and take a peek inside the slot.

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