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Thread: Advice needed: The APlus case with the huge fan on top (Blockbuster Storm)

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    Question Advice needed: The APlus case with the huge fan on top (Blockbuster Storm)

    I'm interested in building a reasonably cheap, small (microatx) and very quiet PC and not spending too much on it! Don't need it to be blisteringly fast, but to be fast-for-the-money.

    Anyway such the case I mentioned in the title caught my eye. Has anybody actually got one of these? I'm thinking of putting in a cheap AM2 board and am looking for a quiet cpu cooler to go with it, maybe a zalman.

    Have found a mobo that might well do as I can use the onboard graphics while deliberating on/saving up for a video card. Can't post URLs I'm afraid! (Ebuyer dot com quickfind 130329)

    Also I'm interested to know if anyone's had any luck fitting large graphics cards into the case. (Thinking an 8800GTS of some form at the moment)

    Any advice greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Advice needed: The APlus case with the huge fan on top (Blockbuster Storm)

    if you do a search you might find it.. but a guy on here has one and was very pleased

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