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Thread: Price Check : Hundreds of Videos.

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    Price Check : Hundreds of Videos.

    I know videos are pretty much yesterdays news. But I have an EXTENSIVE collection of movies on video. I need to dump these things just so I can walk in my room.

    I will make a post soon for the trade with a huge list. But A small discussion of how much you lot are willing to pay for videos would be appreciated. I figure you can choose like 5 and get them mailed off together with the postage being whatever method you want - since I ain't paying for it. All videos are in good condition (will state if otherwise). And at no extra cost are rewound to the start !

    Not to put prices in your mind. I am not looking to make much cash on this. Just some living space and small compensation.

    No videos that are taped from tv. Some videos are Ex-rentals - which means they came from blockbusters or where ever and have the groovy larger cases.

    All posts are appreciated.

    *edits. It was in the right place! for the 12 that already read this.*
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