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Thread: A first ever build - SATA Boot sequence?

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    A first ever build - SATA Boot sequence?

    Scan delivers my Q6600 G0 tomorrow so I will then have everything available to build my rig. Paranoia is setting in and I'm starting to worry I am getting well out of my depth as I am a complete n00b and confirmed technonumpty.

    This is what I bought for my HD video-editing rig:
    Q6600 G0
    Asus P5K-E Wifi
    Silverstone Grandia GD01-MX HTPC Case
    4 x 1Gb Corsair XMS2 PC5400 (matched pairs)
    Corsair HX620W
    Asus 8800GTS 640Mb (to drive 30" Dell)
    Zalman 9500AT Cooler
    2 x 92mm front intake fans
    1 x 80mm side intake fan
    2 x 80mm rear exhaust fans
    320Gb Sammy Spinpoint Prog Drive
    320Gb Sammy Spinpoint Video Drive 1
    320Gb Sammy Spinpoint Video Drive 2
    500Gb Sammy Spinpoint Storage Drive in e-SATA external enclosure
    Sammy 203 DVD Drive
    Vista 64-bit Home Premium

    I'm not sure how to set the boot sequence in the BIOS. Should the DVD drive always boot first and hence connect to SATA1 on the mobo or should my Progs drive boot first in the BIOS sequence on the grounds that nearly every time the systems boots it will want to look here for the OS.
    I was thinking:
    SATA1 - Progs drive (bootable)
    SATA2 - DVD drive (bootable)
    SATA3 - Video 1 drive (non-bootable)
    SATA4 - Video 2 drive (non-bootable)

    I'm also assuming I need to set ACHI for the HDDs in the BIOS and does anyone know what "Robson" does for HDDs and do I need it enabled?
    Apparently, "Do whatever you like" should NOT be considered authorisation to build my uber rig!

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    Re: A first ever build - SATA Boot sequence?

    The boot order is determined in the bios, not by what sata port you connect to. Just plug them all in whiever gets the neatest cable run.

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    Re: A first ever build - SATA Boot sequence?

    Personaly i'd use RAID access mode for sata rather than ACHI. This leaves you the ability to run raid later if you want, which doesn't happen with ACHI. There are no real advantages that ACHI has over raid that i've found.
    Intel Robson
    There's no harm in connecting your hard drives & dvd in the order you suggest. You can use HD Boot in Bios Boot section to slect the order drives appear in the boot order, non bootable drives can also be deleted from the boot order. However that is losrt whenever cmos is reset.

    Hope everything goes well with your build.
    At least you know where to come if it doesn't.


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