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Thread: Price Check: Sony Monitor

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    Price Check: Sony Monitor

    Just before Christmas I got a brand new Sony A220 monitor from Sony. I had to fight to get it RMA'ed... I eventually done it. This monitor is literally brand new. Only used for 4 weeks? I'm getting a 15" TFT to replace it.

    I have invoices for this monitor costing £230 from Dabs.

    Sony A220 17" CRT with built in 4 port USB Hub.

    It still has the stickers on it since its a 4 week old monitor from Sony.

    What sort of price should i be looking for it?

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    I'd look for something about the £190 mark to sell for as it had been used and has been out of it's packaging, if it was new in box then something nearer the dabs price would have been fine

    Depends who you flog it to really

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