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Thread: Best Laptop brand for Linux support

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    Best Laptop brand for Linux support

    I have had a root around and can't see any recent discussion that relates to which brand of laptop has best support from Linux.

    Personally, I have had three Thinkpads and have never had any problems getting Linux to run on them, there is plenty of user support out there.

    Now I need to replace my current T40 but Thinkpads are pricey for what you get so I am looking at others. My needs are simple:
    - I don't play games (but I do watch the occasional film).
    - Not too heavy (I carry it around on trains quite a lot)
    - Battery to last three hours or so on basic use (WP/Spreadsheets, etc - for the train journey!)
    - Screen to go at least to 1280x1024 (I'm not so keen on widescreen but unfortunately that seems to be the way the world is going).
    - and of course, wifi & bluetooth.

    I'm more interested in generic comments about who has good support than specific models. I'm happy to browse the specifics myself.

    Thanks for reading this - look forward to your responses.



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    Re: Best Laptop brand for Linux support

    Dell are beggining to sell laptops with Linux so.. i'd start there

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    Re: Best Laptop brand for Linux support

    Tell dell to get their fingers out of wherever they keep them and sell you one of them that they hide under the counter, well away from the MS products. Dell Home & Home Office | Ubuntu
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