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Thread: Seeking suggestions for quietening a SB62G2

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    Seeking suggestions for quietening a SB62G2

    OK, I'm now using my SB62G2 as my main machine and it's already pretty quiet, but I'd like it to be quieter still.

    First job is to replace the Sunon fan with a quieter model, possibly a Panaflo from here. Second job is to think about buying a passively cooled Radeon 9600 to replace my Gf4Ti4200, which has an annoyingly whiny Thermaltake fan running at 5v; however, as I hardly ever play PC games any more, it's a little too pricey an upgrade to fully justify, so I might not get around to that bit.

    I already have a SilentX PSU and very fine it is too, so that's taken care of. My remaining question then is the northbridge fan; as I'm using an AGP card, how safely can I pull it? Should I get an oversized passive cooler, or is the mini 'sink it already has up to the job? Can I even fit a passive cooler? (Hmm, must check that last point).

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    'lo mate, I have an sb75g2 in a similar situation to you...

    - got the silentX psu
    - quiet ystech fan on heatpipe
    - ti4200 with quietish fan @ 5v

    I've also disconnected the northbridge fan, and it's been running fine like this since I got it... the sink it self only gets "warm".

    Even with the above it still "whines"... so I plan to get a passive gfx card (only play one game so not a big issue for me), and a quieter 80mm fan.

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