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Thread: Rate my motherboards in terms of overclocking potential!

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    Rate my motherboards in terms of overclocking potential!

    I have three overclocking motherboards in the house in various machines but I'm not sure which one I should use when i get around to installing my new Q6600

    This is going to be my main gaming PC so I want it to contain the best motherboard for maximum overclocking. The contenders are:

    Gigabyte DS3 (Intel 965) - My current board and being running this with my E6600 @ 3.25Ghz (365x9) with the F7 BIOS. Gives me reliable and good performance and it's been enough, hence my reluctance to upgrade the BIOS (if it ain't broke...)

    Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi (Intel 965) - Currently in the Missus' machine. This was a contender with the Gigabyte when i originally opted for the DS3 (becuase of price, they both had their issues, but the F7 BIOS swung it in the end as it had just been released). Had some real problems getting stabilty on this so it's running at stock, but maybe a BIOS update would fix this. It's only used for internet / word so it wasn't worth my time trying to sort it back when it was installed

    XFX 650i Ultra (Nvidia 650i?) - Bought as a cheap overclocking companion to my E2140, and that's running at 2.9Ghz nicely in the living room (362x8). I've not pushed it further though and I heard the 650i boards need a fan on the chipset if you take them about 370FSB as they can become unstable.

    So which should I keep (or switch to) when I eventually get around to putting the Q6600 in my gaming Rig? Opinions please

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    Re: Rate my motherboards in terms of overclocking potential!

    I've got a P5B and it overclocks a treat. It's perfectly stable on a 400Mhz bus. I can't comment on the other two though.

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    Re: Rate my motherboards in terms of overclocking potential!

    DS3 supposed to be great, P5B deluxe I have and that's a very good overclocker. Only problem I've encountered is the PCI link width changing from 16x to 1x seemingly at random, and can be a bugger to reset. As Salazaar says though, good for 400+FSB.

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