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Thread: My Own Rig :)

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    My Own Rig :)

    Hey kids, i havent checked into here for a while so i doubt any of you lovely lot remember me. Anyway...

    I wanted a new pc for mainly a sound system for my small room to go on my shelf with a small flatscreen. For under £400, i didnt give a flying rubbishrubbishrubbishrubbishe about gaming. just internet, the odd warez and program and of course, mediaplayer and mp3s

    Anyhow, i stumbeled across this lovely bit of kit...

    ...For the price, theres no denying its sweet as sweet. I could pay abit extra for some 5.1 and a screen. I know mesh are a really decent make as my family pc is a mesh and NEVER crashes and does everything i'd want it to programs and general browsing wise and more.

    Ok, so thats all sorted. But i remembered i had a "radeon 9700 pro 128mb" in a shoe box upstairs...handy...So i was wondering, since the radeon 9200 on that pc above is intergrated, is it easy to put in a 9700 in the spare APG slot? thats if it has a spare one...I'm not all that clued up on pc hardware anymore, i hope you know what i am asking !

    Thanks in advance people

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    128MB Integrated nVIDIA GeForce 4 Graphics (SMA)

    should be easy to get the 9700 working, but check it has a spare agp slot first. clicking the configure button gives choice of other cards, witht he same mobo so i assume it has to have a spare slot
    for what you want to use it for though, youd be fine with a 1ghz pc, much like the one listed in your sig, 256mb ram is definalty enough..
    ive gone for a much cheaper option as im builing a pc out of some spare parts, htough ive had to buy some stuff, hopefully it will be able to play divx etc..
    specs + price if bought now:
    j-530BF mobo (onboard gfx, sound) - £5
    amd k6-2 350/400/500 cpu (which ever will overclock the best - hopefully i'll get 600mhz or so..) - £2.50
    200w psu - £10
    64mb ram - £5-10
    the case is a cardboard box that i got with a gfx card a few years ago, the mobo fits very nicely next to the psu (very small mobo!) - free
    i still need to get a hdd, hopefully it will sit happly above the pci/isa slots. the pc runs fine with the box shut and wont overheat etc... - £7
    totaling at £34.50, though these parts may be hard to find, and cutting the holes in cardboard nicely does require lots of effort and some skill . if you only intend to use it for what youve said above, something like this will be a lot cheaper. that said, i will be using the pc in my sig most of the time, with this sitting next to it doing something, probably downloading and winamp most of the time...

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    Advice = Priceless. Somethings theres money for, for everything else theres Hexus
    64Bit XP3000,Jetway S755Max Mobo, 512Mb DDR333 Generic (ebuyer) ram, NEC A1300 DVD rw -/+
    60Gb IBM Diskstar 120XP, and the usual.

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