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Thread: SATA Controller Drivers

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    SATA Controller Drivers

    Can anyone help!?
    Just built a new PC including epox 8rda3+ board, seagate 80gb SATA HDD, but cant get the board recognise the hard drive as SATA, as i cant load the silicon image drivers for the controller without it freezing windows on resart. Have loaded the very latest BIOS,but no better.
    Have tried loading the Controll driver from floppy, direct from a file, and cd rom, but it won't have it. Windows recognises the deficiency if the driver in it's updates, but when i load the sil'image driver from windows site the same thing happens :restart then freezes when loading windows. I'm guessing the problem is an Nforce2NVIDIA chipset one in conjunction with a bios problem, but as NVIDIA claim themselves perfect and never have problems(therefore i'm a liar!!), i'm not getting any help from them.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
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