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Thread: Low PSU Volts!!

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    Unhappy Low PSU Volts!!

    Using a Antec 550W PSU I get the following :

    +3.3 - 3.20
    +5.0 - 4.87
    +12.0 - 11.25
    -12 - -11.70
    -5 - -5.14

    Now I'm having a few problems, although nothing major stability wise. Sometimes my vapo doesn't boot properly due to the compressor not starting.

    Could these be causing problems, especially the +12?

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    im not sure what antec call there A series, but assumign this is an A series (meaning 3% regulation on 3.3 and 5v, and seperate rails) psu, then it should be exactly the same as my CWT550w, as they are exactly the same psus as antecs...

    Are you using the EPS->ATX converter for the connectors - that will giv eresistance to it and lower your rails. also your mobo probly doesnt help due to the extra resistance in the traces..
    have you got a multimeter? if so measure at one of the molex's, pref one near to the psu.
    also, is there ever any variation in your rails? if your psu is same as mine, there souldnt be...
    i get these all the time, and other people with same psu and same mobo usually get the same also (for 3.3, 5, 12, and the negative rails) , which is odd..
    Voltages: (VCore: 1.78V, VMem: 2.8V, +3.3: 3.2V, +5.00: 4.89V, +12.00: 11.67V, -12.00: -11.94V, -5.00: 3.55V). i have only noticed the 3.2 once go upto 3.23, but the rest are always what they say. with a multimeter, they measure just above what tehre suppost to, so i expect its not your psus fault, but the mobo or cabling...
    if your 12v drops below 95% of 12v, you may get problems, but the ATX spec says all components should have 5% tollerance or be regulated. deifnatly check the 12v with a multimeter.

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