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Thread: MSI KN9 Neo v Abit KN9 Ultra?

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    MSI KN9 Neo v Abit KN9 Ultra?


    Im looking to get a new AM2 motherboard and its a toss up between the Abit KN9 Ultra (570 ultra chipset) or the MSI KN9 Neo (560 chipset)

    I plan on getting a 5000+ Black Edition cpu so which one would be better for overclocking/ which one is the better board?

    If any one has any advice or tips would love to hear the,

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    Re: MSI KN9 Neo v Abit KN9 Ultra?

    why not get an abit AX78?
    decent board with some nice touches & it will run Phenoms too.

    MSI P55-GD80, i5 750
    abit A-S78H, Phenom 9750,

    My abit forums

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