I have recently added a few more drives to my machine, I now have an adaptec 29160N with 5x 18GB drives, all U160.

They comprise 2x cheetahs, 2xIBM DDYS-T18350M and 1x IBM DDYS-T18350N. (I have just added the 18350Ms) The bios screen for the SCSI controller shows transfer speeds detected of 40mb/sec on boot now that I have replaced the cable with one that has more inputs on it, previously I was getting 160mb/sec displayed

Now, the new HDDs are U160 as well as the old ones, I can only assume that the cable is not suitable??? Is this likely to be the case? It is a 68pin cable.

SCSI IDs for the hdds are as follows, 0-1-2-4-8, the adaptor is set to 7, and the cable has an active terminator.

I use the secondary output on the adaptor for 2 50pin devices, a CD and a 9GB drive. I have removed the CD and now when I boot with the HDD attached I get an error saying that there is insufficient termination on the FAST/SE cable, I have set the HDD to be terminated via jumpers...am I missing something here?

Many thanks in advance