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Thread: Akasa Fan Control pro independant system???

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    Akasa Fan Control pro independant system???


    I am currently thinking of installing the Akasa Fan Control pro into my system as I am having noise and heat uses.

    I only have a mini tower and haven't got a slot for the controller. I was wondering how easy it would be to have an independent system witch consist of the Akasa Fan Control pro, 4 fans, and a power supply.

    My question is how easy would it be to build this and what sort of power supply do I need to to run 4 fans and a Akasa Fan Control pro?

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    Re: Akasa Fan Control pro independant system???

    I think any basic PSU would do it tbh.
    I just bought one, and it only takes 4 pin molex to power the unit.
    However you might have a problem in that the fan controller connects to the fans via a 3 pin connector, and these don't come out of the PSU.
    If I were you I'd just run an extension out of the case, affix ( glue/ bluetack/whatever) the fan control unit to the top of the case or the desk next to it, and run the extended power cables and fan cables to it.
    Sorry if this doesn't make sense, just finished a 10 hour shift at work after a rough night and 2 hours of sleep.
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