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Thread: removing heatsinks?

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    removing heatsinks?

    ive got two gfx cards. ones a nice 9700 and the others a slow 3dfx banshee.

    all i play atm is cs, so now is a good time for me to take out the 9700, make the waterblock a bit better so i can clock it more.

    the problem is i have to use a banshee while i do it. at stock speeds it runs extreemly hot, and i want to o/c it a bit so i can get nicer performance.

    ive tryed freezing the heatsink to about -20c (enough for thich frost to form on the heatsink) using a freezer spray. twisting the heatsink doesnt work. ive also tryed levering it off, which is how i squashed part of teh bga package, though i didnt break any connections, so it still works. ive tryed heatisnk up the heatsink with my soldering iron to about 60-120c, still cant move the heatsink. not sure wehat glue was used, but it appears to be white. how can i remove heatsink witout b0rking the card?

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    all you play is cs ?? so why the hell do you need to clock your 9700 some more? there aint no point overclocking unless you make good use of it m8 ,i overclock cause i benefit not cause i get bigger benchies (mind having a radeon7500 kinda necessitates overclocking to be able to play new games at all )

    but as for removing the hs from your banshee you will probably kill the card trying to do so even if you did get it off the gpu would be covered in an uneven layer of unremovable hard stuff

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    all i play atm is CS, though i do have plans to play some old games that i cba to play when they were released, like unreal2 and a few others. atm cs is all i can play (getting about 30fps average in software mode. opengl/d3d is slower, and looks worse!)

    i need to o/c my 9700 more becuase i can, though thats not the main reson ive taken it out. the water in my system really needed changing (algy[sp?] was growing in the tubing) and i wanted to redesign the gpu and cpu waterblocks, aswell as adding waterblocks for gfx ram and system ram.

    ive got another bansheee in my dads, which is better, so im going to swap them over. its better becuase it has faster mem (8ns instead of 10ns) and also the heatsink is removable as ive done it before.

    the paste/epoxy can easly be sanded off, ive done it before to a nf7-s r1.1 nothbridge (well i lapped it, there wasnt any annoying paste..)

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