As far as I know, the T6100 is a very popular speaker system, so I'm looking for input from anyone else who owns a set.

I recently moved the subwoofer up onto my window ledge to stop bass going through the floorboards and pissing off my parents. Though with the air canal near my left ear, I easily hear any distortion from the subwoofer...

Whilst I understand there is a point where too much bass will cause any subwoofer to start fluffing, I'm a little concerned over how easily it is fluffing.

Playing a track with intermittent or deep bassline with no EQ present on the lowest bass dial setting at a moderately loud volume causes little or no bass distortion from the subwoofer unit when the air canal is next to my ear. However, increasing the bass dial two or three notches on the rear of the subwoofer quickly causes distortion. On the floor, the distortion can't really be heard unless the lows are overpowering to the mids and highs.

In my opinion, a subwoofer of this size should be able to output more bass without any distortion, and since google turns up nothing when it comes to T6100 subwoofers fluffing, it leads me to believe that the subwoofer unit may be damaged... Though I'm not sure.

So I'd appreciate if anyone else with a T6100 system could stick their ear next to their air canal and tell me if they can hear fluffing with the bass level turned up by two notches whilst playing some music with an intermittent deep bassline at what you'd consider a moderately loud volume (and make sure you're not using any filters or an EQ).