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    which one

    i currently have a desktop with athlon xp 2000+, 512mb pc133 ram, 40+20g hdd, cdrw, dvd, and wait for it..... radeon 7000.
    As you can see i need a new PC and really want a shuttle, i hvae about £600 to spend (not including optical drive) and have ahd a look and my options seen to be...

    1. sn85g4(is it ugly) with 64-3000, 512 pc3200, 120 samsung (8mb), asus 9600xt.
    2. sn41g2B (ie. black) xp2500 or greater, 512 pc3200, 120samsung and an tv in card (as it has onboard gfx and i dont game much)
    3. sn62g2 with p4 2.8, 512 pc3200, 120 samsung, asus 9600xt.

    (by the way i want really really want a black one) if it could be cheap so i could get a new tft monitor as well (to replace/ go with my current 15 inch)

    If you have any suggestions pass them on, i mainly do photoshop work, office, a bit of flash and net. I want a tv in so i can record stuff.
    What do i need, baring in mind that i would like it to last 2 years. Wondering about graphics card,a nd if i should need more memory, and if there is a better processor (don't really want to overclock it).

    Thanks - i know you can help

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    If you want a cheap powerful Shuttle go for the AMD XP-based system. IMO this will give you the greatest price/power ratio.

    The P4 systems are fast but a bit more cash, and I can't comment on the A64 systems as I ain't got one (and wont be either"!)

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